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Tuesday 18 Sep 2018
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Uni- Industries East Africa Limited supplies equipment mainly to the food retail, wholesale, hospitality, manufacturing and related industries, i.e. supermarkets, bakeries, petrol station convenience stores, fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, institutional, industrial and government kitchens, bottlers and brewers, refrigeration and catering contractors.the company since incorporated in 1996, has undergone transnational progress be Continental brand, underlying businesses are all well established businesses (some with a history of more than 100 years) supplying a diverse range of blue chip clients in the local and international markets. The group has a number of production facilities and offices nationwide and employs 1400 people.



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Launches In Kenya  -    Solutions for Hotel -   Bakery Equipment                                                                                            

Baking Solutions

show Universal Industries  East  Africa's is the now the  leading supplier of  baking Ovens,  this  include a wide  range  of  baking  systems.

Cooking Solution

At the comfort of your home can order BCE best cooking solutions equipment or just visit our stores  


 We place high premium  on our refrigeration  solutions this just to give  that perfect kitchen  experience .


 Superior laundry  equipment, dedicated  local support and  outstanding service, IPSO most dependable  brand